Samba GO Tablet

Hi, we already have Samba POS V5, and looking to get Samba GO tablet. We want to have the ability where orders can only be sent after waiter verified and put in passcode to submit the order (customers can’t submit orders, only able to select products). Does the “start with order” option for Samba GO have this function or can it be added/customized? Is there a trial version of “Samba GO tablet” for us to test?

Hi, it works exactly the way you want.

You can watch the video in article 4.2.1.Start with Order of the document.

  1. Users will be seeing a confirmation screen which says that Order Must be confirmed after they complete the orders and clicked on Send Order button.
  2. Users can go back to Menu by clicking on Menu button which can be found on top left of screen in case of tablet goes to Password Screen while they make orders
  3. Authorised Staff will be redirected to a screen which tables are listed and can change the settings from there.
  4. He selects the related table in order to complete the Order and then Order will be sent to SambaPOS.
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