Samba Keyboard not working on Property Editors

This can be a issue if you don’t use a keyboard and rely on a touchscreen.

For example when Editing a Category you are not able to launch the keyboard from the bottom left to change the values.


This is because the options come up in a popup, you notice nothing in samba behind this popup will respond.
TBH I would never rely on only touch screen for the admin of samba and always install on a notmal desk pc in office on the network which i do setting changes on.

I VNC into the machine from the back office, but sometimes you want to make on the spot changes.

If you un-maximize the SambaPOS window, you can still launch the On-screen keyboard available in Windows.

In Win10, it has it’s own Keyboard available for Touch-enabled devices, and it often sits in the Tool Tray near the clock.

In Win7, the program is called osk.exe (part of Accessibility). You can add a shortcut to your Quick Launch bar to invoke that Keyboard.


Good shout, was thinking that I’m sure I have done on the spot changes before but couldn’t remember what I did LOL
Generally backend is often tricky to use with touch screen due to amount of information/fields etc.
Generally if not got keyboard and someone is on the office PC I just use teamviewer from my phone in ‘mouse mode’ rather than ‘touch’ for more precise pointer control plus the keyboard in the app.

Keyboard disappears and the only way you can get it back is if you switch to Tablet Mode and back. Strange.

I have added the osk.exe shortcut to the taskbar, that will do the trick. Nice One!

You mean the windows keyboard?
Make sure it’s set to always on top.

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