Samba Loses Touch Input

Just wanted to put this here as a notice. I ran into another thread of someone having this issue and so am am I. I thought I was the only one to experience the issue so I never made it a big deal thinking its my rdp tablet setup but its clearly not considering this other forum user says he had a windows tablet.

I personally have this issue maybe 1-3 times every 2 weeks. My setup is on windows 8.1. I will be updating my uncles location to windows 10 in a few days in hopes that its a windows 8.1 issue. I just varified that I am starting samba with the -notablet setting enabled but still seeing the issue.

ISSUE: Samba randomly stops responding to touch input. Iv seen screens frozen on order screen, tables entity screen, and even login screen. So it’s very random. When you change to mouse tool in microsoft’s rdp app it controls samba just fine. When my uncle calls me ill use that to exit samba. Windows has touch input working just fine. When I launch samba it receives touch input again.

Anyways, just wanted to put this here incase someone else is experiencing this issue and wants to give their experiences if any in hopes that it helps emre figure out whats going on.

I did have problem with Microsoft RDP. I switch to 2X RDP app and it work fine.

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I find it so weird that its only samba application that loses touch input. Everything else in windows works just fine. How well does the 2x app work for you. Is the scrolling smooth? Whats your setup like, do you have the rdp wrapper from github or the rdp hack. Also what windows version are you on?

Use RDP wrapper on windows 10. No different between 2 apps.

So the issue still exists in windows 10 with Microsofts rdp app?

Hey I just downloaded the 2x rdp app and the scrolling is terrible for me. One finger doesnt work at all and for two fingers it works but you also zoom in accidentally alot of times which ruins the experience. If only we could disable zoom like in the microsoft rdp app.

Well no app is perfect. I don’t have problem with zoom on 2X and I hardly use scrool. You can use Microsoft as main app and when it not responsive then use 2X.

There is a bunch of RDP free and paid to try.

Do you ever see he issue where tablet rdp will randomly disconnect and it cant connect back. To me it seems like a bug because just that username account wont work. All other tablets are working just fine while this problem comes up. Ill try to go on a desktop on the local network and rdp doesnt work from there either. Very weird seems like a bug to me. I have to restart the server computer in order to make it work normal again. I am currently not scheduling any computer restarts so that might be the issue but I guess well see. I am really hoping that upgrading to windows 10 solves these issues.

You said that you had the touch issue on windows 10 for sure? Did you have the -notablet setting enabled?

Why -notablet? I connect my android tablet to desktop server via RDP.

Well its still running on windows and that was a feature emre implamented to help fix the freezing. Its supposed to make samba register touch as mouse input but still doesnt for some reason. Anyways did you have the other issues on my post above?

Is that still the case with RDP? Isnt that just relating to native use on tablets? I would have presumed that RDP transmitted as mouse, or in fact by that point its not even a case of mouse or touch screen as these are screen->rdp part.
Might well be wrong.
The zoom for example I would bet its RDP telling the PC to zoom rather than the host PC receiving the gesture remotly via rdp.

I think it is Microsoft RDP problem. It seem never disconnect (always connect). When it has been connect to long long time it might get problem with token or connection. When I have the problem and try log in with 2X and everything work fine so, I assume no problem with server but Microsoft RDP itself.

Okay, thats kinda good to know. Ill install 2x rdp app for them and tell them to test with that app if issue occurs. That token theory makes sense because once connection issue starts happening it will continue to happen almost everyday then when I restart pc it wont happen again for a week or two then same thing all over again. Do you think restarting pc every night will fix that?

Yeah its very odd but its happening still. With windows tablet using rdp, it happens everyday. With android tablets rdp atleast it only happens once a week or so.

That variation suggests its client app based to me.
Why RDP on windows tablet?!?

Very odd, the thai restaurant I did with rdp on ipads have never had that issue… Their issue is always network related like when they changed their hub and woundered why tablets wernt working (cause you changed the wifi!!! LOL)

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I had bought a windows tablet and was having issues with local install so tried making use of it with rdp. It worked terribly so am going to continue testing with local install again soon.

How did you do rdp on tablets. I had tested that once and I shot the idea down because ipads cut internet connectivity every time you shut screen off. Does that not happen for you?

does it by any chance happen at a specified spot when walking around cause i got the screen freeze when it loses connection(even in small spaces there can be dead spots where you lose signal) i fixed it by buying a wifi repeater now it never loses connection which solved the freeze prob

Your freeze screen is probably different then mine. My screen is not actually freezing, sambapos.exe is losing touch input for some reason. When I change to mouse tool it gets input just fine.

And for our wifi I went way overboard. The signal well exceeds the medium sized restaurant

I think i turned screen lock timeout right up so it didnt keep sleeping during busy periods.
When turning back on it probably did take a few seconds to reconnect but not too long.

Depending on the divice access point roaming may also cause a disconect/reconnect, roaming is handeled purly by the client on 99.9% of networks and some are better at handling than others.
Static IP on divices would always be better option to speed up connecting speed as no back and forth to router/hub checking ip etc.

@Hasa using the obover principle also reconmend using the ip address for the rdp connection rather than host name, this should bypass the network dns server and route directly through whichever network layer IPs are on which if I remember right is a lower level than hostnames.

Yeah, Im surprised you didnt get any client complaints. Im a very picky guy with my work. I wont give up until I get a smooth tablet experience. Honestly the micrsoft rdp app is awesome besides the fact that we were having those 2 minor issues. Its developed by microsoft for microsoft products so Id like to stick with them. I really hope they fix those issues.

I am using static ips on all the tablets and I also defined the server’s static ip on the rdp app. Thanks for teaching me that 2 months ago. I fixed my freezing issues with the hard wired terminals