Samba Market keeps me logging out

Hi All

I have this strange issue with Samba Market, I recently upgraded to new version of samba database and started experincing this issue. Everytime I start SambaPOs I am logged out of Market So I have to login to SambaMarket everytime, POS is losing details of logged in user. I also tried clearing License Key on and logged in again in pos to reactivate module but issue is still ther.

any one else experinced same issue and what the fix for this ?


It will not login automatically if a terminal can’t access on start up. Once you activate modules you don’t need to keep it logged in. It will work without issues.

Hi Emre

Thanks for help, computer is connected with broadband and I can browse to from IE. Is there any reason why SambaPOS can not access market?


Greetings I have this strange issue. The issue is i want activate the (Database Backup-$2.95) and (Database Tools-$9.95). And I buy this modules. Appear OFF or Disable. How i Enable This buttons?. See Pictures. Please check. Thanks!!!

Go to the website login to your username go to your purchases and clear license keys then restart SambaPOS and go to Market and log in in upper right.