Samba POS 4 for xp

Can someone point me in the right place to download a version of samba 4 suitable for xp pro



Does not work with XP. Get Windows 7 or better. Otherwise try V2.99

I read that an earlier version 4.2? will work on xp but cant find a link to download it. I have version 2.99 installed but have had problems with cash drawer and unable to find a way to resolve it. the till i have is unable to run win 7 otherwise i would have upograded it. it is sharp up x500. only has 768mb ram and cant increase to the min of 1gb required by 7

XP is now unsupported software history. It’s old and is time to let it go. V4 will not work on it and nor will v5. It might be time to invest in new hardware at some point you need to.

I would love to save money and install iOS on my old razer flip phone but I can’t.

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I use separates system, Dell USFF 780 PC (very small form factor) Core2Duo 3ghz 4gb ram Win 7 Pro and ELO touch screen.
Have sold setups like this for around £500 for touch screen, pc, cash drawer and printer as complete setup ready to go.
If you source the separate bits individually you could probably put together for maybe £300 but fair bit more time and hassle buying separately, if you already have cash draw and printer probably more like £200 for just the screen and PC

Buy a Dell Inspiron 20 3000 AIO with battery. Can not go wrong. Look at the price for a AIO with Touchscreen and battery.