Samba pos, gloria foods, go daddy

I talked to GO DADDY which is my website service provider about customer ordering through our website. He said the one of the platforms they use is Gloria Foods which I have read integrates with SAMBA POS. So I need to know what we need to do to get all this set up and running.

The integration is a single line of code on your website. You just need to get the link from GloriaFood’s website and paste it into your webpage.

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You need to purchase license for Gloriafood integration, then follow the instructions and setup as shown here:

For full integration that is correct, but if they simply want to accept orders on their tablet via their website they just need to get the store linked.

Yes however the OP asked how to integrate it…

Anyone planning to use Gloriafood should know that Oracle bought them recently and it looks like they plan to make Gloriafood part of their symphony POS.

In the USA we will begin pilot tests with Restajet soon.