Samba v5 pro kitchen orders only on printer

Ok so my orders are printing in the kitchen but that are also printing the drink orders on the same ticket and all the drink orders print on kitchen printer. Can some one help me out here please? I only want food orders to print on kitchen orders

Go to Manage > Printing > Print Jobs > Kitchen Orders Print Job

You can set here which Categories go to which printer.

In that category for the print job it has beverages how do I take it out

Select the line and press Delete in top left corner

I click on beverages and it will delete the whole line if I try to delete anything

Select the Product Groups and select which printer do you want it to send order dockets to. Add more lines and route your products to their stations. Its as simple as that.

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As @Posflow indicated, this is a base level configuration that most have to implement. I have many print jobs kitchen printer, expo printer, bar printer and all the products differ based on what the product is and the terminal its printed from.

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There is another more simpler way to manager that. You could create a Custom Product Tag for Printer routing.

You can map that tag under Product Tag section of Print job. Example: ProductType=Beverages or ProductType=Food

This allows you to maintain the printer routing from product level and makes it much easier to manage.

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I take similar route however use a print, printed state on printer specific status, the print state acting like new and submitted on default flow.
The print state is set if say bar print custom tay field has Y (actually any vanle/not null)
This allows quick and easy per product print mapping.
And means adding new group code etc doesn’t result in forgetting to add mapping line in print job.

Good point. Is the rule just <custom product tag>=value?

Yes that is correct. IT really makes managing printing much easier. Especially if you add products often. Now you can select print route from Add product screen. It also makes managing print jobs a lot easier as you only need to manage a few lines vs 500 for some places lol.

Tyvm I got it sorted out thanks. Ok so another issue is how do I make the kitchen receipt longer as it is too short to put up on the rail for kitchen?

That’s another issue. So it shouldn’t be in this thread but add blank lines to your kitchen printer template. I do this have a big text area that says RAIL CLIP.

Ok thanks for letting me know