Samba Work Period Issue

Hi Guys,
I need help with a v4 related issue, I can’t end work day because the system it picking up a ticket is still open(but there is none)
i Checked all the table, all takeout tabs but no ticket is in any of them. I even search for Open tickets under the Tickets Tab and nothing shows.

Any suggestions or ideas for this glitch

View ticket list and extend dates back, have you ran period over days? List defaults to todays date, might be past date

If the computer’s date was changed, the ticket could be hiding further back or forward than you think.

I don’t know what the reporting is like in v4.

If you have SQL Server Management Studio, this query should show you open tickets (assuming the ticket table’s structure is the same or similar - I’m not sure):

SELECT Id AS TicketId, TicketNumber, CAST(Date AS DATE) AS Date, CAST(GETDATE() AS TIME(0)) AS Time, LastModifiedUserName FROM dbo.Tickets WHERE IsClosed = 0

This tip was very helpful, it was hiding 4 days in the past. I don’t know how that happened. Computer date and time has never changed.
We have ended work period several times before without problem, even the day that we found the ticket sitting on.

But thanks for all the feed back, it was extremely helpful. Everything is back to normal now.

Any preorder automation?

The ticket date doesn’t change on its own. It definitely doesn’t change for just one ticket. Someone changed the system date for that ticket. The “I’ve-been-screwed-over-before” in me says check your till.