Sambacard points print on ticket


Yes sorry I should have realized thats what you wanted sorry. That is my fault. I thought you wanted something else.


sir now one more major prob i have in this it is showing -50 i tried a lot to solve this but its not working out can u help me for this sir


You want it to show positive? Looks like your accounting is reversed for it. How did you setup your loyalty system?

The quick way to solve it is [=TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:Loyalty Card}')*-1]


sir i followed all sambacard tutorial and finally for auto generate points instead of adding funds i follow action and rule


Show the Loyalty Card Account Transaction.


yes sir


I mean the setup of it.


sambacard v3 i have follow this tutorial and the link of this tutorial is


I understand but can you please show the Account Transaction setup for Loyalty points. I want to see if you set it up correctly.


ok sir


Where is your setup for adding funds? Your adding points by using a Sale Transaction… that is why your points are negative. The transaction your using for adding points is meant to be used when using points to pay for something… not adding them.

You need to create the transaction for adding points and use that transaction in your sale.


here it is sir but i dont want to manually the points should generate automatically for the sale amount so i gave this tag in automation rule [=TN(’{TICKET TOTAL}’) * 0.5/100]


Yes it should generate automatically but your using the wrong trransaction type. Your using the one for sales… the one you use when they use their points. Look through that tutorial again you will see there is a transaction type setup for adding points. That is the one you need to use in your action. It will add positive value and work correctly.


i wil check my setup and the tutorial again and get back to u sir


no sir everything is correct as per tutorial i think i wil fromat system and reinstall the software and customize and check


That wont help anything lol. No you missed a step. Your using the wrong transaction type for adding points.


can u pls tell me what exactly i have to do sir


He did… You would need two transaction types for this type of setup to add points and to use.
Kendash is saying you have used the wrong transaction type for what your trying to do. You have used the one to ‘use’ the points to try and add points to the account resulting in a negative balance.


yes sir u was right i have done mistake in transaction type so now i did it is solved thank u very much sir for ur help


But in receipt it is negative now see this sir v
and this is ticket template i made
<L00>Loyalty Points Balance: {ENTITY BALANCE:Loyalty Card}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
[<J10>Total Gift:|{ORDER STATE TOTAL:Gift}]
<J10>Balance :|{CHANGE TOTAL}
<C10>T H A N K Y O U



– Default format for orders