SambaIN missing Orders from Gloriafood?


Have been using this setup for more than a week now,
it was all fine, until today,
On Gloriafood, the total of payments by card was say 596
and on SambaPOS the payment processed by onlineorder was 553

so there was a 43 difference.

I went to cross-check order by order between SambaPOS and Gloriafood order list,
there was a ticket of 43 not showing on SambaPOS ticket list,
I went on to SambaIN as well, and the ticket was indeed missing from the list too.

I wonder if this is some sort of a bug? Or will there something of a human error?
Though, I cannot possibly figure out why this has happened,
I can only think that SambaIN somehow missed an order? as there is no way to modify the list SambaIN registered, right?

there are some occasions it can error on ticket creation. Do you have logging enabled? If so can you send us the log? If not please enable logging on sambain

Thank you Jesse for the clarification, I think the log wasn’t turned on at the client’s end, I will double-check it tonight. where are logs stored?

Hi Jesse,

Today we had another 31.10 order that wasn’t showing in SambaIN nor SambaPOS,
I grabbed the client’s log this time

Could you have a look and see if there is anything worth noting?

What time did it happen?

The order was today 18:43 of a total 31.10

Can you show more info about the order. Do you have a Pic of. It in gloriafood?

Hi Jesse, please see blow:

The 31.10 Order from yesterday


The 43.00 Order from 15th Oct

If you need any more details please let me know
Thank you for the help.

Can you do a test order with exactly the same order and see if it goes through? DO it exactly the same, Delivery, etc.

what about the payment method?

Yes try exactly the same.