SambaIN settings missing in tutorial

Hi everyone, I am trying to integrate GloriaFood with SambaPOS but the tutorial on Knowledge base has a lot of things missing.

Delivery state name?

Like what username and password is it referring to? Login from Gloriafood or User from POS? Restaurant ID?
These are new settings possible in the integration.

This is from tutorial.

This is not Gloriafood integration screen. You are in wrong place

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Oh I just noticed that Online Orders is not a label but a tab. Alright, Ill set the parameters there now.

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Well, I set everything up following the tutorial step by step and added those parameters but its not syncing orders.

Anything else I am supposed to do?

Please send an email to us:

I have a lot of questions because its my first time doing this integration.

I managed to troubleshoot somethings and got it to show up. But its only total.

<L00><block 10 transparent left *>
<L00><size 20>{ENTITY NAME:Customers}</size><br/>
<L00><size 16>{ENTITY DATA:Customers:First Name} {ENTITY DATA:Customers:Last Name}</size><br/>
<L00>[='{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address}'.replace('<!rn>','<br/>')]<br/>
<L00><size 15><timer {TICKET DATE:HH:mm} {TICKET TAG:Delivery Minutes} 1>
<L00>-30:<color LightGreen><size 15><m:>:<s:{0:00}> min.</size></color>
<L00><br/>0-5:<color blue><size 15><m:{0:00}>:<s:{0:00}></size></color>
<L00><br/>5:<color LightPink><size 15><m:> Minutes Due!!</size></color><br/>
<L00></timer></size><br/><L00><size 20>{TICKET TYPE}</size></block><L00><block 20><size 40>${TICKET TOTAL}</size></block>

When I display the ticket I get an item called Misc.
Names are the same on GloriaFood & POS. Is it mandatory to do a Menu fetch from SambaIN?

Yes you have to sync menu.

I guessed as much.

What happens if client changes something or adds a special or something? Does that mean they add it on GloriaFood first and fetch the menu again?

Just trying to understand how it works

It will not sync to gloriafood. only from gloriafood to sambapos. If you add an item to Gloriafood you can sync and it will auto add it to SambaPOS.

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Thats what I wanted to know, thanks @Jesse

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Fetch menu worked fine on products and portions but it failed to sync all the order tags groups.

@Jesse does fetch menu work on order tag groups and order tag lists?

No it uses default tag to dynamically build them.

I think the integration should sync it as order tag groups and its order tag lists, otherwise its not syncing one way, its only syncing half way. Even if the integration doesn’t map the order tags it would be super useful if it just copied it in the POS.

I mean having to make & map 50 order tag groups between specific products on GloriaFood & then repeat it all on SambaPOS is a huge waste of time.

I agree for some peple that would work. But order tags are not used the same in GF as they are in SambaPOS and it could cause some issues. Its also not built to allow GF to make menu building easier. We cant sync to GF unfortunately because GF refuses to work with us on that.

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Good news is OnAir will support full sync like you want.

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Is that a new third party platform or is that SambaPOS’s platform?

It’s our own platform.

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Sneak peeks please! :sweat_smile:

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