[SambaPOS 3] Error on startup

Hi Guys,

when i startup sambapos (v3.35) ill get this error, what to do? When i reintall sambapos it wont work. Only when i recover windows to an early state it will help, temperarly because after couple hours maybe 2 or 3 days it will give the same error. What to do??

Hello. That error message means user.config file is corrupted. On Internet there are lots of conversations about this windows issue but nobody knows exactly why that happens. Not shutting down windows properly or viruses might be the reason. Also upgrading .net framework to latest version (or a windows update) may solve that.

FYI: On 4.1.40 release I’ve added a small feature to delete that corrupted file when that error message appears. So it should work fine when SambaPOS restarted.