SambaPOS 4.1.24 Released

@emre, we may be able to make this a little better, in that currently you cannot set price then select Item as {:NUMBERPAD} is empty when you click Change Price. Not a big issue as I think the workflow on this is good anyway.

Update - This is the same behavior as the normal Change Price button :smiley:

@emre, the date expressions work great. So easy to set new dates, and if you use negative numbers, it counts backwards :smiley:

hi johns, I can explain how to work with dates,
example, how do I make 28/03/2014 + 5 and get out 02/04/2014?

[=FD(ADD('{TICKET DATE}',5),'dd/MM/yyyy')]

emre thanks, it works perfectly!
What is the difference between ADD and ADM ?

ADD - add days
ADM - add months

Hi @JohnS , the change price automation works!, although not in order you listed: first i need to set new price in numberpad, then selecet item, then press change price

What version are you using?
Are you sure your are using the automation command button ?
If your an admin user you still see the original change price button.

Hello @mayase. If you also configured order tags for that product yes you need to type price first.