SambaPOS 4.1.81 Released

This release fixes recently reported issues.

Edit: I’ve uploaded 4.1.81 release to fix an issue with compact sql database connections.


Wow @emre. 80??? :smiley:

Hi! thank’s for this amazing pos… is there a translation to spanish for your latest version?

For me its ok that its closed source… But without multi language support its simply not useable for me. I would have made at least a few installation with SambaPOS allready if it had my language… (a fast language switch for switching 2 languages in one of the main windows would be great e.g. for the waiters main lanuage and the language of the country he works in…)

And of course i would donate if i could use it…

I offer myself to translate to spanish, the buttons and all the eviroment for waiters… i just don’t know how to change those captions (for example from “Balance” to “total”, etc.)

I would be happy to translate into German if you are thinking of implementing different languages.

i get error, how to fix, see pic…

I’ve uploaded 4.1.81. Can you please download that?

Now is OK… Thanks…