SambaPOS 4 API to interface / extend with external apps

i am planning on implementing SambaPOS 4, just needed to know if there is API available to extend / consume POS functionality in external applications. I have a need to integrate POS with the website, so online orders can be pushed to POS.

I also plan to develop a portable device app to allow customers to browse the menu and order from their own table, so needed to know if I could use some sort of API to interface the app with sambaPOS.

Please advise.

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Hello @agilani

Currently we are working on the external API. We’ll integrate external solutions to SambaPOS through local hosted WebAPI server. So you’ll be able run common SambaPOS operations via REST API such as creating tickets, submitting payments, executing print jobs, etc.

Also you’ll be able to release or sell SambaPOS integrated solutions through SambaMarket. In few days we’ll announce a partnership program and ask your requirements / needs in detail. Thanks.

That’s a great news, thanks for the quick response.

Hello @emre,

Firstly - I just want to say that I think SambaPOS is great. From what I can see it is the only OpenSource hospitality POS that is any good!

I just wanted to follow-up on the API question and understand where that was on the roadmap for release.

Also have you ever considered a windows tablet native app linked to a web hosted server?

Looks forward to hearing from you.

apps for ios, android that operates via wifi would be exciting!