SambaPOS 4 will not load!

When I try to open Samba POS it does not load! It says that it’s loading… but it dosen’t. And when it does it says that it can’t log in to SETH’S-LAPTOP. How can I fix this? Or can I fix it at all?
Thank you!
Seth H.

had the same problem then, fixed it by reinstalling samba. make sure you install on win7 os.

Win 7 or 8/8.1 work fine. If this does not work please share the exact error your getting or show a screenshot.

I’ve tried multiple times uninstalling it and then installing it again and it does not work.

I tried uploading a screenshot and it said that new users can’t upload images don’t that figure. The error message that I am getting is "There is a problem Message: Can not open database “Samba POS4” requested by the login. The login failed, login failed for user ‘SETHS-LAPTOP/SETH’.

Ok… I fixed it… Kinda. I made a new user account on my computer. And downloaded Samba Pos on the new user account. It is now working as normal. Thank you all!