SambaPOS 5.1.47

Hello. This is our first public V5 release. On future releases we’ll announce new features under V5 Release category. For this release you can review a compilation of new V5 features here.

:arrow_down: Download 5.1.47


How long does the unregistered trial last for?

There is not time restriction. It will start showing trial reminder popup after 500 tickets.

wish there was an aption to receive online orders from woocommerce or something. Many takeaways will use your software if there was some way of implementing this.

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Do you mean receiving orders from restaurant’s website or Online Order services like delivery hero?

Maintaining a restaurant website is much more than just receiving orders.

I don’t need to migrate as I don’t have SambaPos 4 installed, I only need to download V5, where to do that? Can’t really find it, looked all over the place. Did I miss something?

Its the very top pinned post in the forum

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