SambaPOS 5.2.13 Beta Release

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:warning: Don’t forget to create a backup before installing new releases. You’ll need a working backup if you need to rollback to previous version.

Don’t install beta releases on production environments.

What’s new in 5.2.13

  • Logging for scale devices added.
  • Auto select fixed for custom menu item buttons
  • Printer tag for reading order tag quantites added

  • Weight barcode checkdigit issue solved.
  • Add more logging to scale device.
  • Toggle order selectors added

  • Keyboard sizing for account document creator fixed
  • Paid item order matching fixed
  • Select payment orders action implemented

  • Adjust order prices action implemented
  • Order tag amount field added

  • Save to PDF Custom Printer implemented
  • Style support for HTML printer added
  • HTML printer table margin issue fixed
  • Improve price adjuster sorting items
  • Colors cached for faster brush creation
  • If no header defined menu item buttons grabs header from menu item
  • Percent discount for x items. (Promotion enhancement)
  • Refresh Order Tags command for Execute Ticket Command action.
  • Sorting function improved for adjust order prices
  • Optionally distribute discounts for adjust order prices.
  • Apply calculate price filter after untagging discount tag
  • Handle voids for order price adjuster
  • Expression to filter by account id added for Report Account Transaction Details report.

  • Prevent exception if HMTL format BAR tag is empty
  • Change automatic padding to zero for flow document printer.
  • Prevent message region to capture focus.
  • Screen menu item error fix.
  • Decimal order tag quantities.

  • Empty navigation when there is no work period created issue solved (SambaPOS 5.2.13 Beta Release)
  • Default HTML Ticket tempate added
  • Update Task action added
  • Custom report grouping improved
  • Crash on null currency issue solved
  • Custom report viewer updated for better handling selections.
  • Report Open Tasks custom report added
  • Missing fields added for order tag data export (Order Tag fields missing with Database Tools export)

  • Widget Optimizations
  • Date Picker for Report Viewer added
  • Virtual Keyboard problem fixed
  • Reservation added (please update config tasks and execute reservation config for this future)
  • Some improvements also added :slight_smile:

  • Rules modified to allow work with tickets after save through gql
  • Improvements to manage rule state
  • Beta version indicator
  • Display remaining days on beta indicator.
  • Auto message server discovery improvements

  • Order Price calculates properly for combos
  • Reset selection cache or select orders action
  • Expressions for Select Orders action

  • Ignoring Order Tag prices and portion prices for adjust order prices.

  • Display correct order’s details when order is splitted
  • Automatic Foreground color for label widget.
  • Disabling allow past dates for date editor widget.
  • Min and Max values for editor widget.
  • Grouping Editor Widget Settings.
  • Field for fetching price with price tag with fall back to default price.

I uploaded a new release of 5.2.13 Beta.

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New build uploaded. Please read first post.

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I don’t think the Weight Barcode is fixed.

@rightguys here is your exact sample.

Print job option to print Last Paid Orders fixed.

I also added an action called Select Payment Orders. When executed it autoselects orders that are selected on payment screen. That allows us to split selected orders on payment screen or tag them.

Here is an example. When we click on split button it moves orders to a new ticket, displays payment screen and also stores original ticket id to a local setting. When ticket closes it loads back original ticket & displays payment screen so the workflow operates flawlessly.


Nice job Emre lots of ppl been needing that.

The GIF doesn’t play for me.

It’s still not working for me.
Test #1

Test #2

can you toggle order lines between 0-1 on payment screen?

I’m not sure what you mean.

That looks awesome!
Is this planned for a next release? I installed the build from the first post and I don’t see the Select Payment Orders nor can I toggle between 0 and 1 selected items on the payment screen…
Thank you

It’s not released yet. Probably soon. I think he literally just made that change.

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@stroodl, @rightguys on payment screen if you can toggle order lines and highlight them with blue color as shown on the payment split example gif that means we made a mistake while releasing latest update and didn’t applied latest changes. Let me know if it solves or not on next update.

I posted payment example gif here.

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Is this what you need?

Yes. Sorry for the poor explanation, I thought you’re aware of the other request topic. I just wanted to check for another feature that also should be released on latest update. As you also don’t have highlight feature that clearly means my commits didn’t applied. We’ll release another update asap. Thank you for your understanding.

New 5.2.13 Beta uploaded. I added release note to the top topic.

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I started implementing promotion features. X for $Y is the first function I’ve implemented.

This action executes on Ticket Total Changed event.

I used Custom Report Expression syntax for selecting orders for the promotion. All expression features for “REPORT ORDER DETAILS” tag can be used here.


Is order tags your chosen route?
Is there scope for option of using discount calculation?

Yes. of course.

That is buy 2 drinks for $1 promotion so discount calculates based on product price.

Sorry, obviously wasn’t clear what I meant.
Is there scope to have option to use a ticket calculation for discount rather than order tag?