SambaPOS and OpenEdge integration critical issues

Our business went live with SambaPOS + OpenEdge integration yesterday in the United States. I can really appreciate the customization potential of SambaPOS and have been happy with the overall experience. However, there are critical issues with its integration with OpenEdge.

  1. Unable to Tip Adjust card transactions. Pressing “Start” after adding the tip amounts gives the following error in SambaPOS: “Can’t update Tip”

  2. Unable to End Work Period due to transactions that have tip pending settlement. Since, tips cannot be settled, the only way to End Work Period is to delete all the tips.

  3. SambaPOS does not actually void paid card transactions. The transaction will appear to have been voided in SambaPOS but it not acknowledged in OpenEdge. The only way to void transactions is via the OpenEdge merchant web portal.

I have contacted OpenEdge support and they have been unable to assist besides providing the workaround method via the web merchant portal because they say the issues are due to the SambaPOS integration. Please let me know if there are any fixes available, thank you.

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I am sending you a PM.

I sent you a pm and we can get in touch over the phone tomorrow however I want to clear a few points up. In order that you posted them:

  1. You may have an older version of RCM or SambaPOS can you confirm to me what version of SambaPOS you are using.

  2. This should be resolved once we figure out #1

  3. Again this could be your version of SambaPOS or RCM because it is voiding them correctly on all the installs I have supervised. Please respond to your PM and I can contact you via phone tomorrow.

We will resolve this asap once you respond to my PM.

There is a new version of RCM software we can verify what version your running and ensure you have the correct one.

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Your first contact should be your reseller they are the channel that supports the Integration for you.

Hi Jesse, thanks for replying. I’ve sent you a PM.

RCM version 2.5 release 0 build 25
SambaPOS 5.2.22

Edit: RCM version 2.5 release 0 build 52

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The Tip Adjustment issue was resolved by checking the “Include Tax” box under Main Menu > Manage > Tickets > Calculation Types > Tip. Voiding transactions is still under development but we can use the refund function in the SambaPOS OpenEdge section to refund the entire ticket. Tickets cannot be refunded in SambaPOS if tips have been added and settled to it already.

Configuration: SambaPOS 5.2.24 | RCM 2.5 release 0 build 52 | Ingenico iPP320 US

Thank you Jesse, Vehbi, and Isa.

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