SambaPOS crash on open

I installed my application in a new system but when i try to restore my database, the application close and give error message

It’s because you’ve put the backup folder in a users area

Samba cannot access folders within a users folder

You need to move the backup folder directly into the C: folder instead so the path would be something like:

C:/SambaPOS Backups

Then change the backup folder in samba settings to point to there instead, copy the backup you want to restore into this folder and then restore from there

If you want to continue using %HOMEPATH%\My Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Backups for backups, before restoring perform a backup. It should ask if you want to grant SQL Server permission to use that directory. Once granted you should be able to restore the backup.

Thank’s for your reply.
Do you mean restore from folder and choose a zip file?

If it’s a fresh install, perform a manual backup. You’ll see this:


Click yes and let it perform the backup. Then you should be able to restore backups from the default directory.

Not working i tryed it

Not asking any thing just telling make sure all terminals disconnected

The backup should put the SQL Server into single-user mode and disconnect all other connections but the connection performing the backup. Once the backup is complete, multi-user mode is re-enabled.

How to do it please !

Let me restart my VM and I’ll post a gif. Standby

If you try to restore a backup and the permissions aren’t set, the same prompt comes-up

How to set permissions please

Hmm. I think we’ll go back to @RickH suggestion:

Restart SambaPOS and place your backup in the configured directory and retry.

Or just copy zip file to C directory and restore from zip

I put my zip file in this folder

Open explorer and navigate to the C drive. When open, right click and select New->Folder. Name it SambaBackups. Then configure the directory in SambaPOS as C:\SambaBackups. Copy your backup to that folder and try and restore it.

The problem is that when i push restore, the application crash and when i reopen it i got the message sql server don’t have permission

I saw that. The window that popups up, albeit briefly, relates to permissions on the folder.

Let’s try an experiment. Place your backup zip in the drive root, C:\ Configure SambaPOS to backup to C:\ see if you can restore the backup then.

I did it but Not working