SambaPOS Crash When Ending Work Period

Hi Team,

This has just started happening over the last few days where SambaPOS is crashing just after I end the Work Period for the day. I can restart and print off the reports I need so there doesn’t seem to be any data missing, it’s just annoying.

I don’t think I changed anything apart from adding a new product here and there.

I have enabled the Error logging:

Error Logs

So I’ll see what I get next time.

We cant really help without knowing what the crash report says. Does it say anything? SambaPOS does not just start crashing. Something must be configured wrong.

Disable your antivirus and try again.

I’ll post the crash report when it creates one next time, I’ve only just enabled it.

I’ll try the AV disable but it’s been fine up until a couple of days ago.

It creates reports by default. You don’t have to enable detailed logs. Look in your documents Sambapos folder for log.txt

It should show a crash dialog too. Did s crash popup not happen?

OK, here’s the flow:

Normal screens for ending the Work Period

The 'Closing Work Period screen pops up then:

The screen freezes and I have to end the process via the Task Manager to get rid of this screen:

Screen 5

Then I restart SambaPOS and print off the reports as normal.

The Log.txt file just has multiple ‘License settings restored for …’ entries and nothing else.

I’ll try the ‘Disable AntiVirus’ option next time I close the Work Period (which will be Wednesday :slight_smile:)

Are you trying to backup on wp end? It could be something with that.

Just the automatic backup that runs as part of that process. It’s been working unchanged for a few months?

Your problem is 99% Antivirus software. Especially Avast AV causes this.

I’ll confirm on Wednesday, cheers :+1:.

Which AV do you recommend?

If you are using windows 10 then I recommend just using built in Windows Defender its good and lightweight.

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Yep, disabling Avast has resolved this issue. I only have Win7 so I’ll try a different AV, Bitdefender seems popular.

Thanks for the help guys! :+1:

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