Sambapos crashes when looking up a table

Im not going to even try and decipher the error code but a couple of questions;

  • When you say computer 2 you use RDP, can you elaborate? why would you
    use RDP on computer 2? why not install samba locally?

  • Is it only if you open/close the table with a different user? ie if
    employee 1 used terminal 2 to open the table does it crash on close?

  • Have you done any customization in the default ticket close rule? Or
    added and other ticket close rules?

are both user Employee #1 and Employee#2 using table#1 simoultaneously?

In theory in cases like this where table is open on two terminals I believe the expected behavior should be the changes made by the first user to logout are saved and the second user gets a message saying something like the ticket has been altered elsewhere. Although am not sure off the top of my head if the seconds users orders are canceled or samba does its best to merge their changes too.

I did have a go at a setup to prevent a ticket being opened a second time while the first ‘session’ was still open;
Although this was a while ago.
I do plan to revamp this setup now I have more Samba experience and newer version of V5 as that was done on quite an early beta version, hopefulyl might be able to clean up a bit.

ya i saw your tutorial for deadlock prevention and emre also mentioned he will prevent this to happen in v5.

oooo, didnt see that mentioned, havn’t tried :smile:

link to his reference

@rightguys This is an already fixed issue but seems like you found a case that reproduces it. That relates with some performance optimizations so I’ve secured it not to happen again. That will work fine on next (.49) update.

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That reference was to preventing duplicate discounts, doesn’t prevent a ticket being opened at two terminals at the same time.
Now I am more familiar with ticket/entity states I will probably try and work in a ‘Active Ticket’ state rather than using program settings.

oh is it i thought it will do both :slight_smile:

So, can I do anything on my end to fix this? Like JTRTech said, I did make custom Closing Ticket Rules that might be the problem (probably isn’t though)

Emre said he knew what the issue was and was related to some other updated he made and has corrected the issue in .49
If you want to show your close ticket rules can try and see if any issues with it but emre seems to know what the issue is from the crash report, and if it was a rule issue he would have said.

Until next version make sure you close ticket before opening it on another terminal.

I’ve released 5.1.49 here


I closed the ticket, then opened the same ticket on the other computer and it crashed. :frowning:

Wow thank you so much. I honestly love the fast support. I will give it a try tonight.

Wait, so you’re saying that I don’t have to RDP into my server computer. The Computer #2 can have SambaPOS 5 installed locally and it will share information with Computer #1?
I’m still very new to SQL Express.

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Samba is windows app, you can set the data connection string to look to the sql server,
Look up the sql tutorial, explains all :slight_smile:


Lol, was there a point in buying Windows Server 2012 OS?

Personally, have done about 25 samba installs with about 50 terminals, from singles to 4 terminals.
I have never used more than a core2duo won 7 pro pc 4gb ram with that machine being one of the 4 terminals and never had any issues.
You probably could have got away with not having server windows yes but heinsight is fabulous thing :smile:
Windows server is overkill for a small setup.
If I was doing more than 6-7 terminals I might consider it but more likely just use a more powerful machine and have it dedicated rather than doubling as a terminal .

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You will get better performance from SQL Express. No technically you did not need to do that but if you already have it then you could benefit from better performance. There is no need to run RDP unless you plan to use non windows tablets. Non windows tablets are typically more expensive for what you get. Additionally if you run rdp you have to purchase more licenses for RDP Machines. This means more cost. Its better to just get a high performance network setup and use local installs connected to the SQL Server

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No worries heh. I’m loving Sambapos more and more everyday

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