SambaPOS Database Configuration

Sirrr!!! It work perfectly on android!!!
thank you sir!!!

I came up to this point on server although the message Server port is 8383 as you mentioned in installation
now from there what to do with the client computer
please help me

As kendash said message server is not the same thing as your database so ignore it for now.
Connection string is what you need to sort out. Thats what will make your samaba installs all look at the same data.

@ JTRTech
Thank you
Please ignore the other post as am asking in two posts lets use this post
What to do with the Client computer to connect

Thats what happens when you ask the same question multiple times :stuck_out_tongue:

This is all well documented on the forum, you connection string will need to point to the sql database on the server machine.
Pretty much you change the localhost in the string to the name of the server as the client machine does not have a database on itself.
Try searching the forum, many many posts about setting up sql and multiple terminals.

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Thanks to all Forum members finally I got connected with two laptops they are working fine and its actually very simple now
I could not imagine everything was like this easy
special thanks to @JTRTech for his quick reply and making me awake saying " try to help yourself"
Thanks again

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This is part of the thing with Samba, built your system yourself - for yourself - to suite yourself.
Plus if you learn rather than just told what to do were to have any issues in the future you can problem solve and fix yourself and not rely on a 3rd party. :smile:

Dear Can you please help me a way that I can separate the client from local DB, when I want to use the client computer as stand alone server not connected to other Database.

Depends on how you setup client PC is if you installed the local SQL or not.
If its running off a networked machine/server the server will be running SQL database and the client will look to that server SQL based o the connection string.

When I did a setup for an outdoor catering company who wanted to eb able to chop and change between having the two tills as one (till 2 running from till 1 SQL) and having the two seperate (if they sent them separately to different events I installed SQL Express on both terminals and to change from joined to stand alone they just had to change connection string on till 2 (EPOS2) from EPOS1\SAMBAPOS to localhost\SAMBAPOS so it was stand alone.
The till 1 is always left to localhost\SAMBAPOS.

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We would need some more info from you about your setup, and windows version.
Windows 8.1 is more fragile with securities.
Network access from one computer to an other shared folder or drive can cause this issues.

Ive not seen that one but not used windows 8.
Permission based issues with backup is fairly common.
Try settig backup location to something like a USB stick and see if that works.
If it does search forum for ‘SQL folder permissions backup’.
Issues I have had have usually been solved by adding the SQL service to the folder permissions.

Hi Folks,

Being obliged to change PCs today (the usual one broke down), I have installed MS SQL on another machine, restored my backup with success (named SambaPOS3) and installed last version of SambaPOS4. However, unable to put together a sensible database string that would enable both talk.

My Machine Name is MEHMETALI
My Instance name is MSSQLSERVER (given by MS SQL as default)
My User Id is Mehmet Ali
My Password as set during MS SQL setup is samba.1234.

Thus I configure a string that looks like below:

Data Source=MEHMETALI\MSSQLSERVER; User ID=Mehmet Ali; Password=samba.1234; Database=SambaPOS3

However I receive the usual “it does not work” error message.

Could anyone help me out and tell what wrong did I do?



I’m not sure how did you changed user name to Mehmet Ali. It should be sa by default.

That documentation may also help.

I suspect this is a user/pw issue, or your Instance is not correct. Try logging in with SSMS. Once that is successful, we can help more.

I am also fairly certain that the default Instance is SQLEXPRESS and the default user is sa.

Are you using Mixed Authentication (Windows and SQL)? Your connection String uses SQL Auth.

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Dear Emre, it came out by MS SQL itself, like default. And I did not touch it. Anyway, I could not locate the SQL services in place properly. And reinstalling SQL. Let’s see what happens.

I think mixed. I am reinstalling SQL anyway. Will be back.

I have done my best to reinstall MS SQL following the tutorial on the link below:

However, the problem prevails. It seems without any technical knowledge and/or experience on similar subjects one can easily get lost on computer while watching waiters fetching tickets and running up and down without a system functioning.

Could anyone who has some spare time (I know it is a luxury these days) ask me the right questions (I am not able to it I guess) to get this train back on track please?

On the SSMS I can get connected to server = METHMETALI with SQL Server Authentication using user sa and password samba.1234.
Would that mean anything to anyone?
However in this connection I do not know what is equal to the instance name I need on the string…

So you need configure SambaPOS database connection by using these settings.

Server Name = MEHMETALI
User Name = sa
Password = samba.1234

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Yep… Funny enough I was under the impression that I needed an instance name to be added to MEHMETALI the server nam. Apparently, that is not the case. And I represent the “ignorant” user who can not think broader than what I read.
Anyway, thanks for being there. I t is a good feeling.