SambaPOS database FROM MsSQL2017 to MsSQL2014?

Hi everybody,

I give up on Windows 10.
The fact that update

  • fuck it up everytime (bit defender, update, losing my POS printers, SambaPOS consuming 100% cpu, etc …)
  • Not everybody lives in mbps country, my internet conection is as stable as en electron and as fast as a running snail.
  • My core work is running a restaurant, and not tuning again and again windows 10.

So I installed the rock stable, fast, and beloved windows 7.
I could not install MsSQL2017, so I installed MsSQL2014 instead … but - of course? - I could not restore a MsSQL2017 SambaPOS backup. (I wonder what kind of unknow-to-2014-server syntax it uses)

Now I have a lot of scripts (I am not using Json functionalities), and all my products on my actual system.
My question is: Is there a way to easilly restore a SambaPOS 2017backup on MsSQL2014, maybe partly, maybe manually?

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You can Export 2017 Datenbank as Script and Import into 2014 SQL server .

You must Export the Tables with Schema and Data and confortable to 2014 into export settings or expert settings.

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Windows 10 is very stable. I’m not sure why you are having these issues. I have all of my terminals on Windows 10 and have never once experienced what your describing. I did experience it with the insider program but I would never run that in a production and Microsoft would tell you not to.

@plume as erkan says its not that hard.
In fact after forgetting i have 2017 on my laptop but only 2014 at hotel just toniht I have done exactly that.
You right click on db, tasks, generate scripts and change settings to generate with data.

Truth be told I was even more adventurous than that and then also realised i had inadvertently updated to 5.2.24 when i imported the backup before working on it and as i wont have time to update machines at hotel which are still on 5.2.18 at the minute tomorrow morning due to stocktake I then also went about generating scripts to export and import specific tables for the automation changes I had made.
Semi surprisingly it seems to have worked LOL.
Had to try specific tables as had also forgotten there was a menu change onsite since the backup i had worked from so didnt want to have to redo the menu etc so just exported action, rule, states and tasks tables since updated i had made only related to automation and state formatting tweeks.

I dont have any major issues with w10 myself but have definatly experiance the dropped printers before when using cheaper china clones. Think w10 drops the drivers or something as unsigned etc.
Havnt has performance issues since I cleared transactions after almost 3 years of use.

Please forget it …
The essential licence only accept 2 RDP and for administrative purpouses only.
It’d need CAL licence per human/machine, not an option.
Better go with win7 + individual small cpu.

A license essential for windows server 2016 cost $500, 25 users.
(So i get rid of the RDP problems)

But is it possible to run SambaPOS application on that server?
Here it tells that the installer does not work.
Any Ideas?


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The installer works fine. I just had to disable Windows Smart Screen.

If you’re going to get Windows Server 2016, don’t get the Essentials or Dataserver versions; just get the Standard Version. As for CALS, go for device CALS, but Microsoft doesn’t really audit you.

If you want Windows Server 2016 cd keys for like $35, pm me and I’ll point you to the right direction. :slight_smile:

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Can you show step by step please

I have the same problem,