SambaPOS delays when switching between entity screens Delivery and Collect (Clone of Delivery just using pickup instead of a driver)

Hi guys it’s been a while I was starting to become obsessed with SambaPOS lol, we are experiencing Freezing and delays (sluggishness) when clicking between different entity screens.

What we done so far is to clear cache and cookies and restart the equipment.

How can we stress test Sambapos to see how many orders it can handle at the same time? Our busiest day seems like we hit 212 orders for delivery, 342 for Pickup and sales orders.

Note we have cloned the Delivery entity and Collection so it operates very similar. For Collection instead of a driver we just called it Pickup.

Our Server and Terminal specs below ( The camera system was added to the switch and was removed as we detected slowness. Can a VOIP system affect network performance? This is linked to our switch via the gigabit switch and it is a small Mikrotik thingy moved by the VOIP provider):

We are not using the wifi for Sambapos even though it has been configured to work. We have a few users that connects to the wifi with their phone (Not Customers) but staff which we have granted permission.

1.) SambaPOS server - Core i5-6500 CPU @ 3.2GHz with 16GB RAM 64 bit windows 10, 1 TB hard drive

2.) 4 * Terminals with - Celeron CPU J1900 @ 1.99 GHz with 4GB RAM, 64 bit windows 10, 64GB SSD

So our network switches are gigabit all connected directly with LAN cables which are CAT 6.

Any insight will be highly appreciated.

I do know the delivery screen has something that causes a slowdown. Backup the system and try removing that screen see if it gets better. If so then we need to figure out what in the delivery setup is causing it.

Thanks @Jesse I will try it out. I have also attached a copy so that you can see how it looks. According to me the Delivery and Collection entity screen is a light customization of SambaPOS.

Its not about complexity of automation its about specific Entity Screen widgets I think. I have not been able to pinpoint it but I have noticed it from time to time.

You should use an SSD.

I used to use a router that was provided to me by my ISP and my kitchen printer would miss 1-2 tickets every day, even though it was connected to a switch via ethernet. Then I bought an ASUS router and haven’t had problems since then.

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Noted I will check to see if we can change the Hard drive to SSD. The router we have is gigabit as it is a fibre router.

Oh I remember I has this same problem too before, with the Ticket Lister Widget taking too long to display all of my Unpaid tickets.
I fixed this by making a separate Entity Screen for Pickup Orders and a separate Entity Screen for Delivery Orders.

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It can handle virtually unlimited orders at the same time. But are you meaning processing as in creating the tickets or do you mean displaying them?

We have tested using automation scripts the ability for it to handle hundreds of thousands of tickets happening. SQL server can handle that kind of volume no problem.