SambaPOS en español?

Hola desde Chile , existe alguna versión de SambaPOS en español?? me seria de mucha ayuda Saludos y Gracias
Hello from Chile, there is some version of SambaPOS in Spanish ?? I would be very helpful Greetings and Thanks

Sambapos 4 does not support other languages as a native setting. You can change buttons to whatever language you want however by manually naming them.

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You can use the previous version, ie v3 comes in several languages and is fully functional. A greeting.

Nota: Puedes bajarlo desde

Version 3 is fully functional yes. But you will get very little support as it is now soon to be 2 full versions behind the currently developed version which is version 5. Version 5 will be released in near future it is in beta test now.

You also will be missing a lot of new very useful features.


where I could download the latest version of which you speak ?? in beta test ??

V5 beta testing is with a select few people, it isnt available to all, so unfortunately you will have to wait until the live copy of V5 is released to all