SambaPOS freezed after leaving it for a while

I wonder if you’re having similar issue, I turned off Windows Defender Antivirus.

You will really have to give more info than that.

Log report, events that happened around the same time, was server hibernating?

Hi @Posflow, it’s nice to hear from you. It’s on Windows Server 2019, Power Options at High performance, Windows Defender Antivirus off, SQL Server 2017. I tried to catch a log but it seems SambaPOS failed to write anything into log.txt, maybe I don’t know how to.

No our customers are not complaining of it freezing… however due to what makes SambaPOS unique you could have configured something wrong that is causing this. We have no way to understand what it may be until you help us understand it.

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I’ve just moved the database to a new PC. Will keep looking into this issue and hopefully can get back with more information.

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