SambaPOS hardware/system-OS requirements

I’m new to this forum and would like to get some info before commiting to purchase hardware:

I’m looking to buy a standalone touchscreen POS system like Aures Elios or T2500 for my restaurant and need to know if SambaPOS will work:

-what OS is required from hardware
-i was told by hardware dealer to stay with V2.99C for stability?
-can i use sambapos with additional handhelds (does it work on android?)
-can my local creditcard authority integrade cardreader into system?

Also general operational questions, can all this be done:
-my main operating is taking food orders with modifiers (med-rare, well done)
-adding items to table orders already placed to kitchen
-managing tables (split payments, merging tables, etc)
-printing or saving reports (i have LAN available)

I would very much appreciate any help from users of this system!

Hello Timo.

Other than credit card reader integration all features supported.
You can use any hardware that have Windows 7 or 8 OS.
Your ticket printer should be ESC-POS compatible.
V4 is as stable as 2.99. There are a lot of restaurants using it on production.

You can download Sambapos on your computer and test it’s features.