SambaPos License activation

Greetings, a client of mine is receiving an activation error as images below. sambap pos installed is SambaPOS V5 Pro. i tried to uninstall and re installed it again but still receiving the same error. Anyone who has come across this kind of problem kindly share solution you may have found.

What’s you installation? single terminal or server with one or more terminals? sounds like different versions conflicting. could be a backup of some version restored to a different running version?

Also, the screens above doesn’t show how they relate to license activation? when exactly do you get the error?

The same problem is facing my restaurant. @Nizam please support us.


In case the problem still persists please send your Anydesk Id to email address so we can check the situation out.

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Your support team helped me. Thanks Sir

i have the same problem.
What is the solution?