Sambapos License Issue

we have several computers with SambaPOS 5 installed and on the main one we have the Message Server always executed.
On the other terminals, it is impossible to have license activated, and they report “Unregistered trial version”.
How can we solve the issue? It seems that, after resetting the key, we can activate sambaPOS only on one device, and all the others remain unregistered, thus blocking our orders during the evening (several red messages “You have modules to activate”).

on each device, you need to activate the license through sambamarket.

My waiters work with phones through RDP connection

And when we hire a new waiter, I create a new Windows account for him, connect through it, and when I first log into samba, I activate the samba license under his Windows account

ok, but it does not activate properly…

I have to reset keys each time but all the other devices stop working.

The activate button is greyed out

As you can see, I can’t click on “Activate” button, despite I have a regular license…

looks like an activated license, you rebooted samba after activation, as the red warning asks?

It seems not working…

I always have this red banner “Unregistered trial version” and if I go to Samba Market I can read “Working in trial mode, please activate”. I logged in, the Activate button is greyed out. I tried to reboot several times but the issue persists.

This fact is very annoying because yesterday our windows terminals continue freezing saying “The trial is unregistered, please fill the form and you will be contacted by a sale representative”, and it seems that there is no fix at this time

Please send email to

You have something configured wrong our team can help find what it is.

Before sending an email, I wanted to ask a thing.

If I have a server with my license installed, what do I have to do on the other devices? Sign in and install the license too?

You have to install the license on them all.

Be sure the server is running when you do it. Also you are running sql server express right? And not local db?

You connected them all to the sql server connection string?