SambaPOS Message Server

I can not reproduce this and I have no idea how it happened but samba message server just out of the blue started to consume near 100% cpu and My system slowed down to a screeching halt. I am running an i5 with 16gigs ram and an ssd. The only way i could resolve this was to restart the service.

I am running the latest version.


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Do you use MS SQL Server. I don’t see that.

Yes I use SQL express

So messaging server not working with sql server, it’s cpu usage is not in list. If you reproduce want to connect and see. I dont find anything to do this.

The cpu usage was not in that list because I sorted it from highest use down and at the time SQL Server was not using enough CPU to show up on that screen.

I don’t know how or what happened but it seriously disabled my computer and I thought I should share here.

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It took 6 minutes for task manager to even open. That’s on an i5 with 16 gigs of ram.

So today I notice its using around 35% cpu and its slowly climbing.



Is there anything I can do to find out what its doing? Why it is using so much CPU? This is a big deal i mean after a while my computer will lock up again.

@VehbiEmiroglu Here shows that I am using SQL Server although I am not sure what that would have to do with this?


I Will check this in our PC’s tomorrow.

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