SambaPOS News tab

Is there a way to prevent the SambaPos news tab from loading when you first log in to the manage screen?

The reason I ask this is because i cannot do anything until the tab loads and even then all it does is flash up full size for a split second on load and then reduces to a tiny red square.

From what I can tell the tab is literally just a html window which loads the index page.

If there isn’t an option at the moment would it be possible to add a tick box on the general settings to choose if this tab loads on start or not.

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That tab drives me nuts. I don’t want it. It delays the first load of the Management section. There should be a way to turn it off.

I edited this file:


I added this line to that file:

Just know this: you will not be able to access at all after that, until you remove the line.

It still loads the Tab, but it is quick, because you get this…


Brilliant thanks for that. Much faster now cheers.

hi i m trying to add this in this file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

but still the page opens can you help me please

You can just turn that feature off in Settings > Program Settings


thank you once again its done