SambaPOS on RaspberryPi with RDP "The cheap solution"

I have been experimenting and have SambaPOS running on RasperryPi with a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) this is the cheap solution, special if you like to handle multiple monitors as the Kitchen / Bar / Waiter displays.
You can use TV screens / old monitors etc.
The RaspberryPi is a low cost computer ~50 USD
I will install 3 RaspberryPi computers to replace my old computers (For the Kitchen Display’s) and will test this upcoming month and keep you posted.
One more advantage is the the RaspberyPi is small (Cigarette box format) and can easy be hidden behind the display.
For any TV / Monitor with the following configuration can be used.
VGA - HDMI - Video
Power to the RaspberriPi (600mA) can be taken from the USB port of the TV / Monitor.
A wireless dongle would make the system totally independent without pulling any Wires and Supply cables.
This will make the station also portable or multipurpose for as one station go down and need quick replacement.
And yes, installation on the Main Terminal running the SQL database should be Windows Server 2012 or Higher with multiple RDP clients.
Any questions feel free to ask.

RaspberryPi (old model) working on mini TV with Video in/out cable


I don’t think this is a cheap solution, I think its a GREAT solution! :smile:

I came up with this when I was first testing samba over a year ago. But now the new pi supports windows, we can run the SQL server on that and have it all running natively.

Also, a side note. Its a bad idea to run the pi off of a USB connection. It can draw more power than standards USB ports when being used a lot. It would be best to run it off of a USB phone charger, even one of the 2Amp ‘fast or speed chargers’ would be better. Its what I’m using, with a large fan on it to keep it cool. Restaurants and obviously kitchen get hot! Those Pi’s need to be kept cool :wink:

Hi @WCCF Thanks for your comments, as you need a power supply for your Monitor it’s easy to use a 2 Amp USB Charger. I have ordered the one special for the Raspberry.

Your right that temperatures in the Kitchen can rise up to high levels. My Kitchen display running on a Industrial computer suitable for high temperatures and I had last temperature problems here in Asia. I’ts a good idea to have the RaspberryPi cooled by a small fan. I will implement this once my order Pi’s arrive.

I have looked at Windows 10 loT for the Pi but was not to sure of of we can install SQL, but anyhow maybe one of my next projects to find out and once done, an image can be made available for download.

You can buy some cases which come with a fan. There are some cheap ones on ebay, though I’ve used my own and it works better and runs quieter :smile:

On another note, I am looking at getting Wine or QEUM running on my pi so I can run samba natively. Whilst it seems an odd way to go, with the new pi 2, I’m hoping the program will run fine. If not I’ll use it as a RDC to my server.

(Just FYI for everyone, I never realised how loud a 1U rack server is, its downright monumental! Its great, but has no place in a quiet restaurant/ cafe! If you need a server, get a dell tower server, they are quite reliable. )

Just to let you know that I received my Raspberry PI 2 and started experimenting.
Connecting the Pi on a HDMI TV or HDMI Monitor connection no problems.

As I have some older Monitor screens I ordered at Element14 the special RaspberryPi HDMI to VGA cable. (Cost 1/2 of the price of the Pi) The device handles display resolutions of up to 720p/1080i/1080p only.
Manufacturer: element14 / Mfg Part No: PIVIEW / Price: £15.98

So in this case there seems to be some issues and my VGA screen don’t look pretty, formatting wise.
The advise here who like to use the PI for the RDP connection (in my case displaying the Kitchen / Bar / Waiter display) a good monitor or TV with HDMI is recommended.

Keep you posted about the development as I will replace the PC in the Kitchen with a Pi due to high temperatures.

The command tvservice -s tell me that the adapter give an output from 16:9 1600x900 @ 60 Hz. here the issue, my old monitor has a max resolution from 1280x960


Have setup my Kitchen Displays (RDP) with the RaspberryPi and I’m fully happy with this, running now 3 weeks without any issue.

For anyone who has a problem to find a power supply for placement of any access point I did find this on the Internet and just like to share this great solution. Only run a network cable, no power socket needed in the near of your access point.

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