Sambapos payment sense

where to get this add-on program?

It used to be listed on the store but not anymore. You may need to contact Tayfun.

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already done - hope to get some answer.


Do you currently have a PaymentSense card machine? This plugin is meant to be provided through resellers like ourselves who have partnered with PaymentSense and can provide you with a PaymentSense card machine and configure it.

You can send me a PM we can assist you with getting the card machine and integration setup.

I want to do something like this with the merchant services in the US but my initial research has led me to nowhere? Anyone has done that with First Data or other merchant services?

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I think @Hasa has done a payment integration for the USA but I don’t know if it’s First Data

No we attempted it but still working out some minor things. A lot more complicated to get a really good ideal integration then we initially thought.


To really do a professional looking integration it almost requires Emre to code a module for it. Although we can get close with .net and his integration endpoint module. I know a nice Paypal integration is possible but I just lacked the coding experience to do it so I gave up for now.


So sad :frowning:

You know are all looking up to you guys.

Can you tell me where to start or at least what language we need to use - maybe I can “order” my college students to attempt it. :stuck_out_tongue: