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SmabaPOS Product: SambaPOS QR Menu
Hello to all members, I need to find more information, and exactly what the product delivers, also perhaps a way to test the product prior to purchasing. can anyone point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance.

This delivers the SambaPOS menu to a website hosted by us and you can pick between templates to use and you can add a cloned menu with pictures specifically for this.

It is a Digital qr menu for the restaurant. Customers can browse this with their phone instead of using paper menu. It fully syncs with the Menu you select in the configuration options for it.

Can I send out my QR code to customers to order on line or by phone when they want delivery service? I have tried QR menus of different restaurants, some seem to be faster than others, some are really slow, others are very fast, how can I feel the speed for SambaPos QR menu hosted by you?
How is the QR code generated? is it issued by SambaPOS or is it a separate thing? I’m sorry if the questions are a little silly, I’m not very good at this.

This is not an ordering platform. We will be releasing Jetrik for that soon. This is just a menu for inside restaurant.

We host our cloud products in AWS you can research AWS performance for that but they are one of the biggest.

I guess people can still order items by telephone if they have the QR code, for example if I put the QR code on the restaurant Instagram page, people ca still see the menu and order by telephone?

You could use… It is also a website link you can create a dns redirect to it and imbed menu directly into a website.

is the QR code generated and issued by SambaPOS?

Samba GoMENU, Digital Menu for Restaurants

You can see more information here.

Very grateful, thank you Jesse