Sambapos stopped working. No log. Help me please


These customer will not be okay with update everytime.


One of those errors had to do with an entity on a ticket. Did you delete anything? Any database manipulation?


You can set win 10 machines to not do automatic updates. I set my machines I sell to only update manually.


No, Nothing this past 2 year everything was perfect


Well I mean when you restored the system. Did you just restore a saved database? When did that error come up?


Which error is that? I need to check which system. 1 system is only for dine and one is for delivery.


I’ll look again. It’s one of the errors you posted the inner error was saying it’s an entity error with a ticket.


I didn’t restore . One day .net framework issue happened and I reinstalled it.


I thought you said you installed Windows 8.1?


Yea for fixing .net issue I installed 8.1 . Database server is on another pc .


Ok we’ll make sure each machine is running the latest version. One of them was on 5.2.16 the other 5.2.18 make sure all of them including database server are on 5.2.18 backup first always.

Start there, then redo the printers on each machine. That should fix the printer error.


I’m not sure what the entity error is. You need to try and replicate it and see what’s causing it.


Does your customer have internet access to the database server?


I will check and update you.


No, He has no plans for internet


Ok I was going to suggest using a remote control app like TeamViewer for monitoring and fixing issues remotely. But that’s out of question.


I will check for that. And update u soon.


I added one option to add customer directly on pos screen instead of going to customer list and adding a new one. I think the user must have played with it.


Yes that makes sense.


Share that config when you can I’ll look at it and find potential issue