SambaPOS Tablet order problem

We deployed one server terminal, three windows tablets, one kitchen printer(WIFI), one service counter printer(WIFI) and one receipt printer(USB).

The problem always occur when placing an order via tablet during peak period (especially on Sat or Sun), kitchen printer does not print in real time. it may print eventually 30 mins or even 2 hours later. The tablet sambapos may hang e.g. no response on any click

We have changed WIFI router but still the same. Eventually, we found something it may cause problem since windows system log shows following error.

Please help us on this, Thanks!

Your losing connection, install repeaters or look into tablets with better WiFi modems. Tweak the tablets for better performance ensure the connection is not sleeping after inactivity. Invest in commercial grade WiFi equipment or buy some signal testers to discover bad spots and install repeaters there.

Many people approach WiFi in a business as an afterthought. Businesses that have reliable mission critical WiFi typically use commercial equipment and install multiple access points in strategic locations.

Walmart the world’s largest retailer relies on WiFi for all of its floor business handheld and printing as a result in most stores any given area of store will show 15 or more access point connections


It’s my experience a single router is never enough expecially if you use it for other things like Internet etc.