SambaPos V2 - Addon - Order to forgive


Please excuse that I write my request in the wrong Topic.

I need a solution for the SambaPos V2 urgently. I would like to have installed a daily summary of all Tickets in the checkout module. There a button will be installed with “Tagesabschluss”. " Only an authorized person can trigger this function. Then the following should be triggered:

  1. expression of an overview of all tickets for the period of one day on the ticket-printer
  2. Overview of all tickets, as in point 1 by email to a specified email address.
  3. reset of the daily tickets.

Who can build me a this function? I would like to have this not for nothing.

Sorry for my bad english. I’m from Germany. The best thing that I could describe my problem in german.
Best regards Detlev


This forum is only for SambaPOS V4 and V5. V2 is now very old and not supported here. Please check for help regarding V2.

Alternatively you may consider upgrading to V4 or V5, which will give you many more features. V4 is free, V5 has a one time license fee of $99 USD. However, as V2 is very old, there is no direct upgrade path to V4 or V5 and you would need to create your setup again. Both V4 and V5 have a minimum requirement of Windows 7.

For the points you mention, I think for points 1 and 2 would be possible with V5. For point 3, if you mean to delete daily sales, that would not be possible. Your only option would be to delete ALL sales, and that pretty much means using a POS system is pointless.

V5 also has German translated version

Also, if you want someone to do this for you, on V4 or V5, you should post in the Ads category, which is for paid support / requests. Alternatively you can ask freely on the forum. I have changed your category as this is not a feature request for V5.


Hi mark,
thx for your answer.
Changing to a new version caused a lot of work for me, and the functionality of V2 is sufficient for my things. Thank you for your support.

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