SambaPos V5 License costing $ 99 - $ 245?

Will SambaPos V5 be costing between $ 99 and $ 245 per year???

Read what it says.

Single Payment. (not per year) + unlimited terminals + 1 year free major upgrades (meaning if v6 is released within a year, it will be a free upgrade)

Activate now to apply special discount ($99).

So if it is not released within a year and you want to have the latest version you pay again. Got it.

hello, can you please inform me if the V5 will in Portuguese language support?

I know full multiple language support is very high on emre’s list as is a common request but am not sure if the initial public release of V5 will have that implemented yet, its not a subject I’ve been following as english is my 1st (well only :-/) language but emre or one of the other beta testers with English not as primary language will probably have followed the subject more closely and be able to offer more info on that…

Looking back a one of the V5 beta topics I remember reading a while back the discussion was along the lines of what I said, probably not fully supported for full translation in first release as wanting to do it right rather than rush in to to first public release.
There are ways to do 90% translation thought user settings but some of the hard-coded features wont be possible till a later date.

Aksel that is not what it said. In fact Emre tries hard to keep it free. It takes considerable resources to keep a product like this moving in the direction community needs. If price is your only reason for using Sambapos then your missing out on what Sambapos really is.

There is not a single POS software package that can do what Ssmbapos can without paying a huge amount of money. Most POS that can come close to Sambapos capability charge well over $1000 a year and support is pay as well. Emre will always keep Sambapos at the lowest price he can maybe even free again at some point.

It really depends on community needs and resources available to accomplish them. I mean we can’t expect Emre to live in a box and code a program so you can make more money from your business using it.


That’s a huge factor as support can be crippling on many software especially when they are so locked down you have to go back to them as you have minimal ability to fully support yourself.
The hotel Im working on to convert till side to samba curently pay over £3000 a year in support for their system (although that is booking side and epos) even if you said £1000 of that was support for their 3 tills that huge expence on software which wasn’t cheap to get in the first place.
They also licence (the original purchase licence) their software on a per terminal basis also rather than a per site/system.
They were also ripped off on a maintinance package which soon got canceled once I pointed out the tills are online really computers and hardware wise (especially on dated all-in-ones) is pointless as many of the parts are unavailable so when one did break we just replaced with a SFF PC and touch screen to do the exact same job.
There was also a time when the touch banel got broken and they wanted £350 for parts (maintinance was labour only) and a 2-3 week wait for what was just the touch panel glass you could replace yourself for £40 off ebay.
Even at the $245 samba is cheap for what it is and thats a per site price, $99 is as good as robbing emre LOL

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There will be no bad surprises. By mentioning $245 I wanted to hint people the upper limit in our mind. It may never become $245 but it won’t fall under $99. I just wanted to be honest and transparent. That’s all.

It will always be single payment for a single venue. If we have to increase price it will increase for new users. People who already bought it will pay nothing additional.

We’ll keep improving SambaPOS V5 at least for 1 more year and start V6 development. So if we release V6 in one year after you purchase V5 license we’ll upgrade to V6 for free. We may also upgrade older users for free or may request a discounted upgrade price. Whatever price V6 license will be your price will never be more than what you paid for V5 license. Of course that does not covers additional cloud services we’ll offer.

There might be one exception. We may offer OEM pricing for wholesalers in the future and that might be below $99. For now we’ll keep going with $99 for a while.


Sorry Guys

Is V5 released ?

The forum is open ?

Nope not yet, the licence is visible as its being tested not long to wait now :slight_smile:

Should I wait or buy it now?? :grin:

Up to you. Buy now if you wish. Or wait and see its features but I can tell you it’s worth it.

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