SambaPOS V5 Pro ready sample

hello all,

when I download this version I thought the installation will exactly look like images.

is there any chance i import this pak to my computer to see how it looks like

Kind regards

If you want a quick solution like that, it would be better off advertising in the ads section, the users of the forum are not support agents but users of the software donating time to help others.

You could create SambaPOS like in the picture, but you must do that on your own. You may do this by following tutorials on the forum and construct SambaPOS however you would like it. It’s better to do this on your own and customize it for your own business.

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thank you , I thought maybe someone shares this pack with me just to see

i am not sure about this but why not we can download that like a package or its installed like default , honestly it looks perfect

Because there is allot of automation for many of the advanced features and just dumping them in an import will then give you a complicated system you dont understand and then when you try and adjust it to your needs your not familier with the setup making it harder for you and more likely to mess something up and cause all sorts of issues with the automation.

It is always best to have a good understanding of the system so you know how to tweek it for your needs.