SambaPOS V5 release

Hello, please let me create this topic to check new version - V5 release. There are some nodes about this with questions regarding to date of release etc. I visit this forum everyday to check if there is something new, so please post a message in this topic after V5 will be public available. Let me also ask you some questions about this version because I wait for it to check before decision if I should use V3 (OS), V4(free) or V5(free).

First thank you all from developer team for such a good work and enthusiasm. My questions are:
Version 5 will be freeware, not Open source which means we will be not able to edit source code?
Will there be possibility to translate the whole frontend to another language (which is impossible in V4)?
There will kitchen display preset or some easy way how to get kitchen display work (meal orders) - there is no easy tutorial for this for V3 nor V4?
Will it be possible to create webservice (webpage) for online ordering?
How about terminal service ?

Thanky you very much for your answers. Georg.

  1. V5 is not open source so you cannot edit the source code and the source code will never be available due to third party libraries that are used

  2. Multi language support is in the pipeline for V5 however it currently doesnt have it and probably wont on release, i think it is something @emre plans to add after V5 has been released

  3. There will not be a built in kitchen display, samba is designed so that you can build things for your needs without default setups that may not be suitable for everyone. That said, in V5 there are new configuration tasks that will walk through setups step by step that are created and shared by other users (again not built in, but can be shared and added by other users as an easier way to customise your system instead of following tutorials). I think there have been some fast cash button setups already added, so you click the config task and it samba will ask you questions to set up for you, creating the rules and actions. Until someone writes one though you will need to use tutorials etc

  4. Online webpage could be possible, at the moment there is a twitter action so you can take orders via twitter, i know @Jesse has this set up for his business. Setting up oine ordering would probably be very advanced, there is a much more powerful scripting engine allowing us to use JScript and interact with API’s which people have used for various things such as post codes for deliveries, @Jesse re-worked his time trex intergration so it now looks like is built into samba rather than an ‘add on’ lookong separate. A google calendar API useage has just recently been added, i dont know much abour jscript and code and API etc and how to use them but from what ive seen it gives so much more flexibility to customise samba even more and people are using it to do all sorts of things. Further down the road after release there has been talk of cloud services but dont think this has started development yet and there isnt a default built in online ordering service. For the moment this is something you will need to learn about and make yourself in V5 but from what ive read this could be quite a difficult task, but could possible be done if you know what youre doing

  5. If by terminal service you mean more of a paid support support service? Then no this is not available in V5, i do remember reading something that a paid service may be available well into the future but that was just a brief comment with no more detail so we couldnt say

That said the best support you can get is from this forum and shouting out for help, theres always someone that will answer and share suggestions and direct you to the answer if your problem has been asked and solved already

Hope those answer your questions :slight_smile:


Thanks Rick.
Last and most important question - for @Emre “what´s the progress with V5 - do you know some release date” ? NOR “Could we also get nonpublic version as we can help with development?”


Last update was very soon, its due out this month so anytime now we hope :slight_smile:


i spect the V5, today finish the month hahahaha

We had a new update released to beta group last night so we just testing that. We havent heard of an updated general release date so hopefully anytime now

You guys got me excited. I thought it was released when I see the post. :grin:

Trust me version V5 looks awesome! Hope 5.132 gets the all clear very soon :slight_smile:

i wait the V5 to begin configuration… now and last 2 months i work on paper… hahahahaha

theres no reason why you can start on V4 then upgrade database when V5 is released and enhance your setup with additional features :slight_smile:

you right, i wait because i think come with a features to configure more easy, some thinks like kitchen screen or pre build functions. I a developer and some times my curiosity is more powerfull … but tanks I begin with the process of make data.


June gone…July is here… so sad without V5 :frowning:

Sorry. Seems like I’m not good at time predictions. But trust me we’re very near to a stable release. We’re working hard to solve even the smallest issues before releasing it to public.


same here new to this ,i have 2 terminals and server setup ready to go having trouble configuring samba 4 just following tutorials is way to over whelming .keep getting lost. wish version 5 was out sounds like easier to customize .trying to complete a basic setup for quick serve ice cream store window service only with kitchen monitor hope 5 out soon

I don’t think v5 is really any easier to set up. The Tutorials and Database Tools import files have been created to assist you to get up and running in as little time as possible.

If you want a system that works well for you and your specific needs, you need to put the time in to learn how SambaPOS works and build it out yourself. If you are not willing to do this then there isn’t really any way to help, and v5 isn’t going to change that much.

That said, v5 does have a new feature called Configuration Tasks. These are designed to walk you through a selection process to install features you think you might need with minimal know-how. But at this point the library is small. Someone has to do the work to build the Tasks in the first place. Emre has done a few, and Kendash is working on others. I have built none - partly because I don’t have the time, and partly because I would rather encourage people to learn the system instead. The real power is in understanding how SambaPOS works.

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Agree, the benefits

The fundamentals of samba for V5 are no different to V4, the same principles of setting things up are generally identical just the abilities and options have grown, expanded and improved.

of learning will make your life easier when it comes to adding new features in the future as your business changes.

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Hi @emre, thanks a lot for your dedicated time in this project!! so is possible that you give us a clue, about the estimated time… like one week, one month… etc… I ask u, cause my team in Colombia, is waiting impatiently for the new v5 release

Thanks again !!

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Do you have a release date for V5? Cant wait for V5!! we’re already in the middle of July…

The V5 version is Free? or have some restrictions on use?

I believe Emre is trying to structure to offer core V5 for free as with V4 but with V4 addon modules built in and then offer more advanced modules for v5 in the future.

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