SambaPOS4 - how do I move my data from one PC to another?

I have read several discussion but can’t seem to find a solution. I have tried now several times, but alas no luck.

How do I move my data from my personal Laptop unto the restaurant laptop?

Please help!

Sorry forgot to add that I am using Windows 10

@bistro if your version have datbase backup module installed and you installed in sql server
? so back up to a location first . it will be backed up in zip format un zip it and copy to pendrive the file .now open sql management studio loginleft side database name right click and restore add then choose your pendrive backup file ok hopefully it will be restored easily . make sure you have good back ups in both computers and same versions of sql, i did this many times.

You can use database backup module to create and restore database.

this is the error message I get:

I figured the problem out, was minor setting to be checked under the “Settings” tab.

Thank you for the response and help it helped me so much!!


I am facing the same problem. I have sambapos.sdf file on my new computer. Also downloaded sambasetup4182. So its ready to run.

Could anyone just let me know step by step how do i get the same sambapos from old laptop to new?

He shared his answer, pretty sure thats the overwrite option of the backup settings.

If you have an SDF file your using CE and in theory could just copy&paste that file into the same sambapos directory in my documents on the other PC.

On a separate note I would strongly recommend you convert that SDF over to SQL and use localDb or SQL Express.

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