SAMBAPOS5 license?

Free sambapos5 how long maintained?
few terminals simultaneously unlicensed?
after appearing as “unregistered trial”?
how long the license?

disadvantages of using unlicensed?

limits the use unlicensed?

As I purchase the license if I am from Peru?

It will work fine for 500 tickets after that it will still work but will display an annoying popup when you add orders reminding to purchase.

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v4 happen if I use the same ?? only 500 tickets?

V4 does not have license.

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I bought the license as if I am from Peru where the deposit is made?

v4 has limited terminals?

Not if you use SQL express it supports unlimited terminals just like v5. V4 will never get anymore updates.

One off, no renewal, if V6 comes out within a year free upgrade.

Licence is for the database not per terminal, one licence will cover unlimited terminals if they are all running of same database.

For $99 V5 is a bargain and updated version, V4 will not be developed any further.

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thanks!! probar V5 :smiley: