SambaPro V5 Configuration help

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can you help me on the following.

Scenario: Restaurant with 20 tables, seating 4 persons per table.

We want to configure the following process:

  1. client enter the restaurant
  2. front office allocate a table or selected by client.
  3. table allocated to this client/customer - status is set to seated
  4. provide menu and snack … status is serving
  5. ordering - status ordering - right now we need to select the menu to this table
  6. bill request status
  7. billed paid status

I was wondering how to set table as the main point rather as customer, current the trial have customer as priority ?

Also how to i set set the layout of the table so the front end staff can select the picture or the number?

Last can i take the configuration and put it on the live POS or PTV using backup options?

How is multi-lingual setup = e.g Chicken = Pollo

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Have you searched for any of the questions you asked for in the search function, Littleraly everything has been covered before, you just need to use the search function if you want to load it up by yourselve, if you looking to pay soemone for all these questions let me know and I’ll move your post to the right category

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Sorry, i did search but the forum tag not really updated!

i searched for Prioritise table over customer – had a load of nonesense or maybe i am stuipid

If answered it should not be in forum but in a KB. I do IT so i understand the need to discipline and etiquette.

Thank you the133448 to remind me to to ask base questions or for forum to send me the link. it will be easier.

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It is probably a language barrier but it is hard to tell what you are asking exactly. SambaPOS comes with tables by default. What do you mean by this:?

Not sure what you mean here. Screenshots to illustrate your question will help us understand.

With version 5 it will support multiple languages with an active project to add additional ones in the future. Its better if you tell us what language your asking for. To change language you navigate to Manage > Settings > Local Settings > General and then select the UI Language dropdown.

Not sure what you mean by this.

Both of those are already setup by default.

Thank you for the update

we want tables as we can set it up and allocate menu, waiters and bill to the table

customer will be a future option for CRM

but currently as a new starter restaurant we want it very simple

menu with pricing
table then allocalte waite, and the food or menu they orders

then we have a bill to charger our valued c;ients

nothing complex

thank you


we will have
devices for for taking order
kitchen order confirmation to cook
stock control maybe


I want to to set status based on our process thus Bill or Billed mean paid or not paid depending on the process that is correct for the business scenarion.

Also the restaurant has English speaking owner and staffs are spanish which mean on login the languague to load of not then we will do an internal training.

I will get the the V5 pro and current setting tghe scenarion on the laptop before rolling LIVE on THE MSI till with CPU

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PS on mobile and sorry for grammar or auto correction

Two things you can do:

  • change the sorting order of the Entity Screens (place Tables before Customers)

  • change Ticket Creation Method to: Create Ticket

##Change Sort Order of Entity Screens

Manage > Entities > Entity Screens > Sort Entity Screens

##Change Ticket Creation Method

Manage > Settings > Departments > [Restaurant]

Change the Entity Screen View Mode to: Custom

Manage > Entities > Entity Screens > [Tables]

Here you can also reference a picture as a Background Image (Appearance section), such as an overhead view of your Restaurant.

Now you need to navigate to the Tables Entity Screen and activate Design Mode.

You can add all the tables as an Entity Grid, or you can add each Table individually as an Entity Button (so you can change the placement of the Table).

  • Right-click in the middle of the screen and select Design Mode
  • Right-click and add and Entity Grid Widget or an Entity Button

If you chose Entity Grid…

  • Right-click on the Grid and select Settings
  • Set Entity Type to Tables
  • Set Display State to Status

If you chose Entity Button…

  • Right-click on the Button and select Settings
  • Select the Table for the Button
  • Set a Caption for the Button:
  • manually type a name for the table as you want it to appear, such as: Table 1
  • or use a Tag to automatically set the caption, such as: {ENTITY NAME}
  • repeat the above until all your tables are added

Yes you can. You can do all your setup on one machine, backup the Database, and restore it on another machine.

There are multiple languages included. In the case of Product Names and Menu Item Names, that is up to you. You can name them however you want, in whatever language you choose.

You could also have dual-Menus, one for each language, which could be switched based on the User that logs in. In that case, you still create a single-language Product, but you design 2 Menus in different languages that are mapped to the same single Product. This is one of the reasons that Products and Product Group Codes are separate from Menu Items and Menu Categories.

You can also use Custom Product Tags to store any type of information, such as the Spanish word (Pollo) for the Product (Chicken).

On printed Kitchen Tickets, you can use the Product Name, and/or the Custom Product Tag. The same goes for Customer Bills.

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Dear QMcKay and forum members

Thank you, thank you so much

I will try on the dev environment and report back .

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