Same bill, two totals

Help. I’ve never seen this before. When choosing print bill from the table screen, it correctly prints the bill on the left. For this bill, it then leaps up by £4.40 when you go to the settle screen.

I’ve never seen this before. The only thing that’s £4.40 is an order tag. Any suggestions as to where to try and trouble shoot?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, just not enough information. Need to see your Printer Template(s).

And what do you mean, “print from the Table screen”? Do you have different Templates perhaps?

They are the same template. The issues not really with what it printed, but the total it calculated.

The ticket screen correctly calculates the total, but the settle screen has the same items, same check, printed a moment apart, but has a total that is (incorrectly) £4.40 more than the ticket screen.

The checks are exactly the same, apart from the total.

Does this happen with all Tickets, or intermittently?

Show screenshots of the Ticket Screen and Payment Screen when the Totals are different.

Look in Accounts > Transactions for the Ticket and open it up. Show the Transactions for that Ticket.

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