Same Day Refund Only

Currently, I have refunds setup as Re-Open Settled Ticket -> Cancel Ticket Payments -> Refund Item ($0) -> Update Ticket State… etc. I would like to limit this Automation Command to the work period or day only. Do you have any suggestions?

I thought maybe all tickets could be swapped to a closed ticket type at the end of the work period and then I could limit the command under mappings? I don’t know how to automate ALL tickets to make this swap though.

Thanks in advance!

Can you elaborate?
Why are you reopening a ticket to do a refund?
A efund cancels out a paid order: ORDER £5 SOLD – REFUND £5 PAID OUT == £0 Balanced out.
If you refund the original order your not refunding their payment, as you already canceled their payment in the flow… this would leave you expecting £5 less as you canceled the payment and then refunded another £5.

I think he wants to limit Refund command to function for current day only. He don’t want to enable refund for past tickets. @jamesmack do you want to implement that?

@JTRTech Sorry for the confusion. My ‘Refund Item’ action simply marks the item as Price = 0, Calculate Price: False.

@emre That is exactly what I want to implement! Thanks for helping me clarify.

That rule constraint will allow Settle button to work for tickets created today. In the other words it will work if Ticket’s date is equals today’s date.


Amazing as usual! I can’t wait to share my database once I have everything in place. Thanks for all your help.