Save incoming calls

It is possible to save incoming call list separatly? Sometimes i dont have time to enter all informations about my customer, i can write all infos of a new customer when i have time, not during first call.

Ok you have not explained this… but I assume your using CallerID and that is what your referring too. Yes you can store anything from the CallerID that you want. You can use the Device Event Generated rule to capture it and use a method to store the information. You have lots of actions to choose from including Program Settings, Ticket Notes, Tasks (Preferred) etc.

If your not talking about CallerID then its even simpler… you can use automation button to trigger an action for recording something… Preferably Tasks… but you can even write to text file and store it.

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Hello kendash

Thank you for your quick reply. I am using caller id, it is working well. If the customer informations ( name, last name, phone etc…) are already stored, it is working well, no problem. If it is a new customer, you have enter all this informations once in order to use it for next time. But sometimes really i dont have time to make this job, i would like to make it later. At least phone number must be listed somewehere without being saved as customer. When i have time i can enter all data from customer. I need just an incoming call list.

If number is primary field then that’s all you need to save so maybe make telephone primary and others ‘unrequired’ for new entity?

Primary field is name and last name. Then, street, zip and city and phone.
I need only this infos. Need to make phone primary to save it easily?

That sounds contradictory? You said you want to save with only phone and add other info later?
If phone is primary you should only need that to save.

If it is a new customer, caller id shows us only phone number. It is normal. I would like to have a call list, then i can add other informations later.

Ill be honest… best method to do what you want is just pen and paper and write it down… but … you can automate this with several methods… few of them I mentioned… you could even automate a way to flag an entity as not complete… via Custom Data or something.

Do you really call them back to ask for other information? I wouldnt like that as a customer honestly.

:slight_smile: surely i dont call back to ask informations once agin. I explain my self with other words: caller id shows us every call. Every call doesnt mean an order.

How can i know how many calls i have today? And wich numbers?

Ok so all you want is a list of Phone Numbers? Sorry your not being very descriptive of what you want… I am having to guess…

Yes, a call list of today

Ok so you can save them as a text file…

You can use this Action:

And this rule:

Device Event Generated will capture the callerid event. You can then use that action to feed it the phone Numbers. It will add each number as a line in the txt file.

Sounds good. And need to open this txt file outside of sambapos? Or possible to see it in sambapos?

There is no Text File viewer in SambaPOS. If you want to view it in SambaPOS you could skip the whole text file thing … upgrade to v5 or buy the Custom reports module for v4 and setup a custom report to view Entities missing the details.

With v5 we could get even more creative by creating tasks for each call and then a custom report to view those specific tasks… You could even date them and number them etc.

No problem i have it.

I need to create just an action to save it in text file. This txt file is updated everyday or every call?

Every call Sambapos does not save a call log. It saves it via the Entities but you dont want to view entities do you?

I have question… how do you update them later if you dont call them back?

If i have his phone number, there is no problem, i have another database with all actual infos of customer. Need only to know phone.

This is national phone company service…

@Jesse you mean every call is added to list?

Well you have not said you dont want every call to be added to a list… how would it know if you dont want it to go on a list? I mean how would you determine that?

I guess you could use an ask question action on device event… to ask if you want it on list or not… but all of that seems like a lot of trouble… it would be faster to just write it on paper.

What kind of database is that? You could probably use version 5 to read information from that database and automatically fill in customer information for you and not even worry about this at all. v5 has powerful scripting…

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