Saving Custom Columns & Column Widths Ticket Explorer

I have included this to help other less experienced users figure out how to save changes made to the standard Ticket Explorer and standard Customer (Entity) Search screen. It also helps me document the essential bits & pieces needed for our clubs scenario.

With references to the posts:

Basically we are using a Customer Number as the primary key to our Customers therefore it makes the vanilla screens a little harder to find customers without customization. Therefore you will want to add custom entity data to say the Ticket Explorer by right mouse clicking and selecting a column as show below:

With the Customer Search the column widths were adjusted to suit as show below:

The Important Tip! :hushed:
To save your settings and update the layouts XML files (see below) you must:

  1. Immediately Log Out;
  2. Immediately Exit SamaPOS;
  3. Restart SambaPOS.

If you decide to move off the customized screen and go back (maybe to check :confounded:) the changes will revert back to the last saved setting on SambaPOS exit. Its a bit like the board game monopoly "don’t go past GO, don’t collect your $200, Go straight to Jail!.

For those who are interested the layouts in my case are saved here:

Hope this helps answer a simple question and saves you time looking.
So not really a question but a tip or tutorial.


Haha yes one of those silly SambaPOS rules but I couldn’t find a better idea as users keeps removing columns unintentionally and calls us “SambaPOS stopped displaying ticket numbers”. It is hard to develop a free POS as some people waits sudden feature limitations that will force them to upgrade.

Wrong Directory look again.

Can we just edit XML file? Just edit ActualWidth for the column you want to change. Unit is in pixel. It seem to work for me.

change column label

Layout files are not stored in the directory you showed. Look at Emre screenshot again. You got the directory wrong.

If you know how yes you can do that.

I do not understand the layout, some link to read?

What is there to understand. You just move or edit columns and then logout shutdown Sambapos. This post is a tutorial showing you. Did you read before you posted?

label change

You can’t change that.

:frowning: I feel sad


Lol you were not sad until you read this post haha. Maybe in future something can be done to allow it.

hahaha Erme always solutions !! : D

These are loaded from language file so you’ll wait until SambaPOS gets translated to your language. Sorry I can’t give a date for that but I’m working on it.