Screen flicker when looping through Ticket IDs


Hi all,
I created an entity screen with Ticket Lister where tickets with a state Pending=Y (which is set when ticket is paid) are displayed. I have some automation commands + rules, all of which set Pending to N (plus other actions obviously).
I wanted to be able to execute these commands for multiple tickets at a time so checked the Multiple selection and Loop commands checkboxes and added a button that executes the rule:

… and it works. The only “problem” is that it opens every ticket selected, one at a time and executes the command. When selecting 10 tickets I get about 5 seconds of flickering screen. I wanted to ask you whether there is some solution for that (e. g. running all of this in the background). I tried unmapping the automation command and several other things with no success.
What I posted above is the simplest command which just updates the state so that the ticket is not listed on the entity screen anymore.

Thank you,