Screen management on sambapos

Hello everyone
I have a site with three computers (1 server and 2 terminal workstations), as well as 4 tablets. the goal is to allow the tablets of each level to print the commands of their respective level.
example: a customer is at the 1st level and places an order, his order form must be output on the printer of the 1st level. the same for the other levels.
I have already configured the menu, tables, users; all that remains is the management of screens. I want to know if it is possible, if so how to do? if not, what solution would you suggest to me?

Thanks for understanding and sorry if I express myself badly

Depending on how you’re connecting with your tablets, you can configure what printer your terminals print to based on the print job.

I have 6 tablets and 3 printers. I want the activities of 2 tablets to be directed to a specific printer, and so on. knowing that I have a sambapos server and 2 terminal computers.

if possible, how do i register my tablets on sambapos?

What kind of tablets? Your tablets are terminals.

You set your terminal in Local Settings on each terminal/tablet.

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les tablettes comme des téléphones. sut les 3 ordinateurs, un est le serveur (j’y ai installé SambaPos) et les 2 ordinateurs restant sont connectés au serveur

Not sure what your explaining there.
Any terminal just gets set its terminal name in local settings.
Terminal name options are set in terminals tab.
Then names are defined in mapping to set what happens where.
You could say tablet 1, tablet 2, etc or could say floor 1 tablet on 2 tablets.
They can be individual or grouped names, its just a way to split automation etc.
Terminal doesn’t mean fixed till, it just means a device running full sambapos program.

I’m sorry but I only speak English.

tablets are like phones. the structure is 2 level. the server is at the roadside raid and the 2 other levels each have a post. per level there are 2 shelves.
So I want each tablet to print on the printer of its respective level.
sorry if I express myself a little badly

So you are using SambaPOS Mobile App?

yes mr on each tablet I installed the SambaPos mobile application

You Mean ZONE Wise Printer setting ?

#You must add departments Level 1 and Level 2

add entities also Level 1 and Level 2

#Restaurant department keep It as a admin


thanks for the idea. please do you have the procedure for defining departments as well as entities and printers? Please just de process

Later i will update karel

Thanks, i’m waiting for your reply sir is our knowledge base you can find most of that there.